The Black Wizards

Paul J J Burton  C.ST.J., MSc., FRSA, FILT, FCIPM, Investigator
 Paul JJ Burton
The Black Wizards: Who are we?

The Black Wizards detective agency is a new venture launching for 2013

A team of highly experienced ex-police officers, security staff, training and IT consultants led by Paul Burton, bringing his extensive experience as a former police inspector, private detective and actor.

How can we help?

Fraudulent practices, the abuse of trust, theft of stock, money and goods, cheating employers and customers and bringing suspicion down on innocent team members can all have serious implications for a company’s profit and professional reputation.

What skills and services do we offer?

We use our many years’ professional police and detection experience crime-fighting in the real world to:

  • investigate the issue
  • highlight the fraudulent activity
  • pinpoint those responsible
  • use correct interview practice to safeguard you and your business
  • provide clear, accurate reporting and recommendations

How do acting skills help a detective?

The skills of the professional actor are invaluable to an investigator:

  • observation of human nature and behaviour
  • an air of confidence and credibility
  • gaining trust and acceptance
  • the ability to fit in undercover, sounding, looking and acting ‘the part’
  • sustaining a consistent and believable performance

We also offer our wide variety of security, personal safety and training services to business, commercial and private clients.

Our training team

Our corporate trainers are qualified and experienced in their fields, with excellent presentation, public speaking, coaching, role-play and facilitation skills.