Services we offer


“The Detect”

  • Identifying the problem within your company, finding those responsible.
  • Interviewing those responsible, giving evidence freely obtained to minimise loss, recover property, convict and sack those responsible.


Supply you with time-share monthly consultancy which will be of considerable saving to your company with the flexibility to respond during a problem time. Billed monthly.



“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Chinese proverb

I have a teaching diploma and a fine degree and have taught full time for over seven years

  • Training the Trainer: I can teach your staff to teach others.
  • Policing response, conduct, business practice and networking training for your police force
  • Security awareness training for your staff
  • Personal security awareness training for women
  • Investigative interview skills training for management and business
  • Confident public speaking skills training for leadership, management and business
  • Travelling safely abroad training for pleasure and business
  • Builders merchant security training
  • Warehouse security training

Learn from the learned”



As I have run major companies in this country, I can run security companies and security departments full and part time – on a self-employed basis, my staff will also assist.

Security services

  • CCTV installationCovert and open.
  • Neighbourhood security watchesUniformed guards patrolling your area, under Paul’s control.Film security services

Mystery shopper

In disguise as per the premises at all levels. From estate agents to hotel chains, boats and planes – we done it all! We carry out effective test purchasing, highlighting and exposing fraudulent practices.

Service assessments

Looking at how you compare to your competitors.

House-sitting whilst you travel

We will install one of our responsible people to look after your beautiful house.


Having trouble with your security company and you want it to expand, or you need an independent director on your board for a fresh pair of eyes?

Paul has been a director for several companies with diverse backgrounds from catering to the railway system. Reverse auctioning company to building projects and parcel delivery.

The Cruise Lecturers Association

Sees him lecturing abroad on ships, though he has lectured on security all over the world from Hong Kong, India and Singapore to America [many times].

And so much more, that a private meeting away from your site will reveal.

See Case Studies

So he is here for you.