Cruise Lecturers Association (CLA)

Paul Burton: Cruise Lecturers

Cruise Lecturers Association (CLA)

Paul is an enthusiastic member of the Cruise Lecturers Association, and lectures on security on board several cruise lines.

He has travelled extensively throughout the world lecturing for societies such as ASIS [the American Society for Industrial Security] and the Association of Chiefs of Police Worldwide.

Paul comes from South Manchester, from a Theatrical Family. He started his career in Ralph Reeder’s Gang Shows and sang in Light Opera. Bullied into getting a real job, he joined the Police Force in Manchester, ultimately becoming Chief Inspector. In 1980 he started his own Detective Agency. He combined running his plc in conjunction with acting. He has done 20 Shakespeare shows, from Grave Digging to being Theseus at Stratford on Avon, Charles the wrestler, a shepherd in A Winter’s Tale, a blind wrestler in a wheelchair, and lately Mine Host in The Merry Wives of Windsor – even Dame in Pantomime. Don’t come near him if you are allergic to laughter!

Paul’s family is Armorial and he has his Coat of Arms registered in England, Scotland and Ireland, his own Tartan registered in Scotland and is closely related to a sept of the Sinclair family. He’s a Red Coated Master of Ceremonies – you will know this man’s face from functions in London! Uncle Paul, as he is known in Theatre Circles, is now Reverend Brother Paul and will become Father Paul when he takes his final vows.