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Paul Burton is a former senior policeman in Manchester who was commended six times for good police work, once by the Watch Committee for saving life.He is the founder of Burton International PLC and Burton Guards from Neighbourhood Patrol in Bedfordshire.He has been in the security industry for 40 years and has unrivalled expertise in catching criminals.His masters degree was from the Scarman Centre, and he was one of the few people to become a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics from its earlier time of its completion.He has eleven other fellowships, including the Royal Society of Arts and Society of Antiquaries in Scotland.
His family’s coat of arms matriculated in England and Ireland.An accomplished after-dinner speaker and raconteur, this man networks at the highest level.

Available to carry out investigations worldwide.

A great guy to have on your side, but if you are allergic to laughter and original thought – don’t call him!

Telephone 07802 222 604

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