The Mandala of Paul J.J BurtonThe missing years

“From time to time God causes man to be born and thou art one of them who have a lust to go abroad at the risk of their lives to discover news, to do all far off things, tomorrow on some hidden mountain and the next day of some nearby men who have done foolishness against the state.

These souls are the very few and of these few, no more than ten are of the best and of these ten I count Babu.”

Rudyard Kipling (Kim)

One of the few left-handed Pisceans to be born in Cheshire in those heady days after the war, the Manchester Man Paul Burton began his travels with his policeman father around that county, ending up in the opulent surroundings of Wilmslow in Cheshire.

Here, the young and vocally gifted Paul, managed to fret and struggle his way, mastering scholastic inactivity until his 17th birthday, when he succeeded in leaving Wilrnslow Grammar School with a 25 yard swimming certificate, indicating the progress that he had made in academic studies under various senior teacher pupilage.

Joining the Manchester City Police Cadets, he was ideally suited to his only qualification so far in life and this is where the story really starts.

It is not often that someone enters into the police service with a clairvoyant gift of second sight. This he inherited from his grandfather, John Burton, who was gifted with the Irish fey and could read the future, albeit at the bottom of teacups.

So his career in the police force became gifted with luck, being promoted to the rank of Sergeant and attending the Police Training Centre at Bruche as a police sergeant at the incredibly young age of 23.

When Manchester Airport Authority handed over to the Manchester and Salford Police, the now Inspector, Paul Burton, at the age of 29, was sent to lead and train those officers.

Attending the Police College in 1977, Paul became Mess President of the Police College and was decorated by the Queen to the rank of Officer Brother in the Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem, for his services to first aid training.

Leaving the police force at the age of 33, having been commended six times by the Police Watch Committee and decorated by the Royal Humane Society for his bravery in saving the life of a man, Paul started the Burton International Group, a detective agency which led him onto great things, whereby in those early days of the Builders Merchants Federation, Timber Trade Federation, Electrical Wholesalers Federation and British Hardware Federation were all hammering on Paul’s door to take advantage of his training, his knowledge of their industry and his ability to be in the wrong place at the right time and catch criminals.

Although Paul’s work for some of these Associations has long since ceased, his effect on them and on the security awareness of these institutes has been recognised and emulated by competitors and indeed, on his advice, by the installation of in-house security personnel.

Where is he now?

Paul has now moved on:

Looking after the Warehousekeeper Association, Cold Storage Federation and also the Electrical Wholesalers, travelling the world and taking time to complete his formal education, having now added to his 25 yard swimming certificate a Post Graduate Master of Science Degree at the prestigious Scarman Centre at the University of Leicester in the year 2000.


On the Livery front, Paul is a Liveryman in the City of London and the City of Glasgow, belonging to the Worshipful Company of Fruiterers and the Guild of Masons in the North. He has the Freedom of both Cities, but with the sale of his farm, he no longer has geese to drive over either bridge.

“What did they demand of you?”
“What was the strongest.”
“What answer did you give to each of them?”
“To the first I answered ‘Wine’
To the second, ‘Women’
To the third, ‘the King’ “
“Before parting with you, what did he demand of you?”
“What was strongest.”
“And what is the strongest?”
“Truth is the strongest of all things.”

Sinclair S. St Clair
on the tomb of the Knights Templar at Rosslyn Chapel